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It takes just one book for each book you purchase to receive 1/2 off our used price!

Our used price is already 1/2 off the original price!
You save 75% with a trade!

The trade policy works the same with DVD's, CD's and Puzzles - except that you trade DVD for DVD, CD for CD and Puzzle for Puzzle

Our price is the price on the red sticker. The red sticker price is 1/2 the original publisher's price. This is how much you will pay without a trade. For example, the red sticker on the left would be the price of a book that was originally $6.99. Now, if you trade a book* in (yes, it takes just ONE book) you will purchase this book for $1.75 plus tax. Not bad for a book that was originally $6.99?

You will not be required to trade romance against romance, mystery against mystery, etc. You will simply be asked to trade paperback against paperback, hardcover against hardcover, audio against audio.
There are a few rules pertaining to what books we will accept*.

So, go ahead and pack up as many books* as you can carry (or more...) and bring them to the paperback place to save, save, save!!!

*Books will be accepted per our discretion. We will not accept any paperbacks that do not have covers. All paperbacks must be in good condition. How to tell if it is good enough to be traded? Easy. If you would not buy it in the condition it is in, we will not accept it in the condition it is in. Be prepared to take back any paperbacks that we do not accept. We do not offer a book discard service.We will not accept any hardcovers that we are overstocked on, that we deem as too old or that we do not feel will sell in a timely manner. 

Books we do NOT accept:
Ex-library books, book club editions, textbooks, readers digest, encyclopedias' hardcovers without dustjackets, paperbacks without covers, harlequins/silhouettes older than 5 years.

Reminder: Be prepared to take back any books that we do not accept. We do not offer a book discard service.
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Not sure you understand the Trade Policy? Does it sound too easy to be true? Check out this SAMPLE TRADE:

Don't waste your time (or brainpower) with all of those other confusing Trade Policies! Ours is Simple! Simple! Simple! Has this ever happened to you? You visit a used book store, ask about their Trade Policy and end up more confused than when you entered the store? It's enough to make your head spin...This scenerio would never occur at the paperback
place. Why? Because our Trade Policy is, yes, you guessed it, Simple! Simple! Simple!
What if I bring in more books than I end up
purchasing? Not a problem. Assuming that they are books we will accept* you may leave them and start a "trade file". You will be required to fill out a card with your name and address, we will count up the books you are leaving and enter your information into the computer. The next time you visit, you will be asked if you have any books to trade - simply mention that you have a "trade file" started and we will quickly look it up in the computer. (You may also choose to sell your books to us.Visit Sell Your Books for details.)
Note: Trades are not allowed on new books.

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